Refurbished Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Design Cut Edger ICE-9000 Blocker


Refurbished Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Design Cut Edger ICE-9000 Blocker


Condition: 95%
Operations: 100%
ICE-9000 Blocker: 100%
Pliable Cup Blocks: 20 included
Pliable De-Blocker: YES
Accessory Kit: 100% (included)
Direct Water System: 100% (Included)
Other: ME1000/ICE9000 PDF Operational Manual and Install Manual


Used Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Edger and ICE-9000 Blocker

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Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Design Cut Edger ICE-9000 Blocker

This machine is designed to process elaborate cuts of highest quality. The integrated functions such as the Shape Editor, Hole Creator, Design Cutter and Partial Groover help you produce even the most challenging lenses.

Hole Creator: Use the touch screen to place holes on the lens in the desired location by simply dragging and dropping the icon.
Shape Editor: Change the lens size as needed and magnify the details by up to four times for a more precise design.
Design Cutter: Allows you to freely adjust the shape of a lens for unique cuts.
Partial Groover: Enables you to easily produce rimless lens designs.

About the ICE-9000 Intelligent Blocker

The ICE-9000 is a revolutionary blocker and tracer combination that reads single vision and bifocal lenses, as well as printed and pre-identified laser marks on progressive lenses, increasing workflow and saving time. Compared to conventional blocking which requires operator involvement, the ICE-9000 blocking arm moves in both the X and Y direction automatically. The block-head also rotates (theta rotation) for blocking lenses on 180 degrees axis. The system’s exceptionally accurate tracer digitizes an unprecedented 32,000 points of reference per eye.

Featuring an integrated ALM (Auto Lens Meter), the ICE-9000 enables lens blocking without having to mark and center lenses, simplifying the process and increasing accuracy. Therefore, the operator need only insert the lens and the ICE-9000 takes over, automatically blocking any lens with great precision. The high-resolution, color display touch screen can be used to enter job codes easily, reducing human error and resulting in precise blocking.

The ICE-9000 is a highly intuitive instrument which auto-aligns bifocals and progressives. In addition to being VCA compliant, the ICE-9000 can interface with other software and all edger’s seamlessly. This is an exciting product, offering eyewear professionals the best in tracing and blocking equipment. The ergonomic, compact size is the perfect complement to the LE-9000EX Express Edger, meeting the limited space needs of many labs.

Features and Benefits
Built-in Tracer: The NIDEK ICE-9000 incorporates a tracer into the main console and boasts the smallest footprint in the world. Available with or without the tracer.
Intelligent (X direction / Y direction / rotating) Blocking
ALM (Auto Lensmeter) Function: The virtual lensmeter marks are displayed on the screen, allowing it to be blocked with exceptional precision.
Fast and Precise 3D Tracing: The ICE-9000 provides precise tracing in all three dimensions. Color Touch Screen for optimum ease of use. Suitable for both small and large-scale edging systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Lens Size: 80mm diameter (maximum)
  • Layout Modes : Single Vision Lens (two modes); Bifocal Lens; Progressive Lens (two modes); Manual Mode
  • Blocking Method : Motorized Blocking


  • Tracing Methods : Automatic 3-D Binocular Tracing
  • Measuring Points : 32,000 reference points per eye
  • Frame Clamping : One-touch automatic clamping
  • Dimensions : 12.3″W X 18.8″D X 12.9″H
  • Weight : 41.9 pounds
  • Accessories Included.

Additional information

Weight250 lbs
Dimensions36 × 36 × 36 in