Santinelli Nidek Edger Services

The Finishing Lab is here to help

  • Do you have a Santinelli Edger that needs to be serviced?
  • Are you seeking a professional company that can deliver quality results and fast turnaround?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then The Finishing Lab is here to help you! Our professional technicians will clean and service your edging equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service, and we take every effort to ensure a fast turnaround so that your equipment is back operational as soon as possible. So quit over paying and over servicing your edger and call us!

See our list of available Edger Maintenance Services:




Edger Maintenance Services (PDF)

Edger Maintenance References Guides

LE Series LEX-1000 Maintenance Procedures (PDF)


ME-1000 ME-1200 Maintenance Procedures (PDF)

Quick Reference to Calibrate Tracer thumb
Quick Reference to Calibrate Tracer (PDF)


Rebuild Services


We Sell Your Edger Services

Is your Santinelli / Nidek Edger just sitting around collecting dust? Do you want to upgrade to a new system but you’re not getting what you think your old edger is worth as a trade-in? Get top dollar for your old used edger today!

No Upfront Cost! Just Ship or Drop off your edger to the Finishing Lab and then we do the rest! We do a complete service, we place it up for sale, we sell it, we collect the money, we ship it and then we pay you CASH!

See our Edger Sales Reference Guide:

Edger Sales Services thumb
Edger Sales Services (PDF)

ReFinished Edger Galleries

Below are some before-and-after pictures of re-finished edgers that have been serviced by The Finishing Lab. Click on a gallery title below to view the thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to open a larger a gallery view.

Customer’s LE9000

Customer’s ME1000

Customer’s LE1000

The Finishing Lab’s Ice 1000

The Finishing Lab’s LEX1000

The Finishing Labs’ ME1000

Customer LE9000SX

Edger Maintenance Reference Videos

Below are some videos created by The Finishing Lab. Some of these videos demonstrate professional edger servicing techniques and practices. Videos are also available for edgers which are up for sale. Click on the video title to view the video.

Wheel Truing Cleaning for Finishing and Polish Wheels

Step by Step Tracer Calibration

Leap Tape and Blocking System Review for Santinelli Edging Systems